An Archive of Implausible Anecdotes

This document is not a story.  It is, however, a brief explanation of an anthology of strange stories. 

These calls for help have been sent out in mass emails and submitted to all manner of websites in which users can submit text.  Blogs, fiction hosting sites, forums, and even random comment sections have hosted these stories. 

I have collected a compendium of these stories and presented them here, for you to read and make of them what you will.  These tales have been presented in chronological order of when they were received, but most of them stand alone, and can be fully understood without reading the other stories.

No information here has been censored, changed to protect identities, abridged, or redacted.  The only changes I made to these documents were spelling and grammar correction, but if you insist on reading the documents in their original form, you can ask me to show you the originals, and maybe, we could even work together to understand these strange documents.

Who I am and what role I play in these stories is not important.  You can just think of me as a curious observer who takes a special interest in the shared subject matter of the anecdotes I have collected. 

I’ve occasionally added content to these documents, but only in places where explanations are necessary.  These annotations are written in italics, and signed by myself.

  • The Archivist.

A large portion of these were originally published with no titles, or very similar titles that would make them easily confused.  I have taken the liberty of giving them titles more closely related to their individual subject matter.

Life After College
Date Worse than Death

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