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The House of the Haunted Screaming

A Unity virtual reality horror game.

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Are you ready to get spooked?

Download the game's free demo here!

Then when you're done, support the development of the full game on Kickstarter, if you're still alive and sane enough, that is...

If you want to get your name in the credits without donating any money, though, you could always donate your soul!

You play as a person of ambiguous identity, who has been tasked with entering the haunted building, and retrieving eight pages related to the monsters therein.

There are two monsters that stand in your way, though. One of them is The Corpulent Man. For centuries, there have been horror stories of a tall, thin, faceless man in a business suit who makes people disappear. His little brother, on the other hand, is frustrated at the fact that there have been exactly zero stories written about him.

Maybe people don't take him seriously because of his looks, maybe people assume they can outrun him, but whatever the reason, you shouldn't underestimate him. He can teleport, which is the only way he can fit through doors, and seeing his faceless head will drive you insane.

The other horror of the house is The Badly Green Screened Girl. Legend has it that a long time ago, in ancient times when people used VHS tapes, a girl made a home movie with special effects so bad that everyone who watched it died in seven days. The tape is no longer a threat, since nobody has a VHS player anymore, but thie girl's gost resides in The House of the Haunted Screaming to this very day.

You will go insane if you look at her hyper-unrealistic graphics, worse than anything the Unity engine should be capable of producing. In addition to her frightening appearence, she can also move fast, and teleport.

Even if you do collect all eight pages, you still have to escape the building to show your findings to the outside world. What stands in your way at this point? Play the game to find out for your self, if you dare!


You can play this game on Oculus Rift. First, set up your VR headset, then run the "DirectToRift" version of the application. As soon as the program launches, the game will be displayed to the Oculus Rift hardware, but your vision will be a complete blur, because the game DOES NOT start in VR mode by default. In the tutorial room, press E to enable VR, then press R to reload the current room.


Wyatt Waggoner
1051 W. 11th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97402