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Indie Award Bait: Director's Cut
You can play the Kongretage version from your browser here.
A standalone executable version can be downloaded here.
What is Indie Award Bait?

It is a 2d side-scrolling shooter made in Unity.

It subverts the conventions of video game story telling by telling the story of a small child with a big head platforming and shooting through zombie apocalypse, except that the protagonist is female this time!

The game’s graphics consist of monochrome, pixilated silhouettes in a post apocalyptic environment that’s consistently hazy, gritty, and red. These are all aesthetic decisions that I made to make an artistic statement, I swear, they totally aren’t an excuse to use outdated graphics and only 3 colors.

Though this was the first iteration of Indie Award Bait released and closer to my original artistic vision, it is not as good as the Android version currently available on Google Play.

Wyatt Waggoner
1051 W. 11th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97402